Thursday, October 27, 2016

"We the Pumpkins" Contest Harvest Daze 2016

In this Presidential Election year, the Iroquois County Genealogical Society Harvest Daze Pumpkin Contest theme was "We the People Pumpkins!"

The Pumpkin Contest drew 27 carved and painted/decorated pumpkins in 6 categories. There were a total of 430 votes cast.

President's Award
Pick of the Patch
The theme of “We the People Pumpkins!” inspired the ICGS President’s Award entry, a pumpkin painted and decorated with an quill and ink bottle and a painted parchment sheet showing the Preamble and Article One of the Constitution. A team of four WCHS art students, Miryam Bevelle, Sadee Wuethrich, Natalie Sapp and Nathan Wilson created the pumpkin.

All other winners were chosen by votes of Harvest Daze visitors. First place winners and their categories include Ginny Lee-Pick of the Patch, Aubrey Chandler-Youth Carved, Scarlett Siebert-Youth Painted/Decorated, Stacy Beam-Adult Carved, Ginny Lee-Adult-Painted/Decorated and the Lee Family-Organization Painted/Decorated. See all pictures and winners on our Pictures page.

"Big Creeper"

The contest to guess the weight of the Big Pumpkin, aka "Big Creeper" was won by Marissa Baldwin-Clements. Her winning guess was just 1 pound 12 ounces over the actual weight of 156 pounds, 12 ounces. Thanks to Clara for raising such a great pumpkin. I hear that she checked on the pumpkin frequently and was often seen encouraging the pumpkin to grow.

Although there was a steady shower most of Saturday morning, we had a great turnout of pumpkins and visitors. The weather finally cooperated on Sunday and we had a great time with our pumpkin friends!

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