Thursday, July 9, 2015

See you at the Iroquois County Fair!

Believe it or not - fair time is here! We hope to see you at the Iroquois County 4-H and Agricultural Fair. The Iroquois County Genealogical Society will have a booth in the Commercial Building at the fair.

As always, we want to wish ALL the exhibitors, young and old, the best of luck! It's great to win, but it's great to have fun and learn, too. The county fairs do that for everyone involved, even us!

It is a little chilly today, but next week is forecast to be in the 80's. You may need one of our popular freebies: a genuine "I'm a Genealogy Fan!" fan, unique and completely handmade. I know, I cut out 200 fans over the last two days!

We have information on records held in the archives of ICGS, genealogy forms and ideas for the taking. You can even get a piece of candy to give you energy to get through the building.

Speaking of getting through the building - how about something for the kids who get dragged through the commercial displays! Play our "Prize Every Time - Pick a Duck" game, always a winner. Yes, you can be just a kid at heart to play our game.

Our faithful volunteer, Ashley will not be able to join us in our booth this year. Ashley has spent many summers volunteering in the ICGS office and organizing and working in our booth at the fair. She graduated from college this spring, and now she has a REAL job, making money! Congratulations, Ashley. We will miss you, and we'll try to make our booth as much fun as you always have.

This year we have FOUR FREE chance bundles. You can enter for one or all four.
  • Census bundle - full set of our U.S. Census index books for Iroquois County for the years 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900 and the 1890 Tax List - $60 value
  • Birth bundle - 6 index books to Iroquois County births for 1916, A-Z - $43 value
  • Death bundle - index books to Iroquois County Death Records 1902-1948, Cemetery Histories and Locations of Iroquois County, Iroquois County Burial Permits and Onarga (IL) Funeral Home Records - $32 value
  • Miscellaneous bundle - Iroquois County Poor Farm Records 1857-1964 and 4 booklets of miscellaneous records which include such items as 1850 and 1860 Mortality Schedules on U.S. Census, index to WW I Iroquois County Soldier records, Iroquois County Farm Name Applications 1915-1927 and Iroquois Hospital Admittance Book 1916-1918 - $48 value
Of course, if you do not feel lucky each of the books in these chance bundles will be available for sale. In addition, we will have for sale our very popular volumes of Iroquois County interest, including
  • Aerial Farm Photos of Iroquois County 1955 (we can help you find your farm picture),
  • 1880 History of Iroquois County by Beckwith, with our added every name index,
  • Combined Atlas of Iroquois County: 1885, 1904 and 1921,
  • Portrait and Biographical Record 1893,
  • 1907 Past & Present of Iroquois County and
  • Original Land Purchases 1831-1882.
We have name index books for all cemeteries in Iroquois County and Catholic church record collections. As much as possible, we will have copies of these publications at our booth for you to purchase at the fair. You can see our complete publications price list on our web site at this link. (Prices subject to change.)
The Iroquois County Historical Society will be sharing the booth space with us. You can learn about the activities of the Historical Society and find additional information about the Old Courthouse Museum.

The Iroquois County Fairgrounds is located north of Crescent City, IL on Illinois Route 49. Follow this link for more about how to get to the fairgrounds and the activities for this week.
We hope the weather is great and everyone has a fabulous time!