Thursday, October 6, 2022

Down on the Farm! Harvest Daze Pumpkin Contest 2022




The 2022 Harvest Daze Pumpkin Contest theme "DOWN ON THE FARM" celebrated farm life and other activities. We received 111 entries from very creative artists! We split the categories a bit this year with the entries falling into JUNIOR-12-14 years old or ADULT-15 years and older. The Pick of the Patch included all pumpkins, with each voter choosing the overall winner. The ICGS President chose the President's Award, which represented the pumpkin that best represented the theme. Visitors also tried to Guess The Weight of the Pumpkin Farm Family: Farmer Brown, Mom, Granny and the two kids.

Guess the Weight of the Pumpkin Farm Family

We had our first pumpkin contest in 2015. The first theme was "Pumpkins on the Prairie," and we had 7 pumpkin entries and no tent! We have done a contest each year since, except when Harvest Daze 2020 was canceled due to Covid restrictions. This year, we recorded votes on our 111 entries from approximately 400 visitors during the two days of the Festival. Ours was sure a popular stop during the weekend. 

The contest is open to the public, individuals and organizations. There is no registration fee. We would like to give special thanks to Robyn Butler, WCHS Art Teacher and Julie Dunn, Crescent City Grade School Art Teacher for coordinating entries of their students. We could not have displayed all these pumpkins without the tables and invaluable assistance of Phil Wilkey, WCHS Ag Teacher and FFA advisor and his students. Thanks to Sheila Schmidt for the use of her tents and to Wayne Lee for helping us set up three 10' x 20' tents to house all those pumpkins. Thanks to Jessica, Tyler and Clara Runner for help sorting and counting votes. Photo credits and a big Thank You go to Kim Rabe.                             

-- Ginny Lee and Janet Anderson

President's Award (Best use of Theme)

Kinzie Smith #407

Guess the Weight of the Farm Family

Actual weight was 59 lb. 2 oz.

Winner: Pamela Cross who guessed 58 lb. 11.5 oz.

Organizations: no entries

Youth Category (11 years old and younger): no entries

Junior Category Painted/Decorated (12-14 years)

#401 - #437

1st place - Kinzie Smith #407

2nd place - Taylor Maple #430

3rd place - Lydia Mustered #422

4th place - Victoria Milk #405

5th place tie- Ellie Rabe #404 and Taylor Bright #420

6th place - Ella Combes #424

Adult Category Painted/Decorated (15 years and older)

#601 - #674

1st place - Alexys Young #655

2nd place - James Newell #621

3rd place - Sayge Sowers #648

4th place - Kimberly Ruiz #666

5th place - Emma Roberts #606

6th place - Ella Smith #644

Pick of the Patch: 111 entries

1st place - Alexys Young #655

2nd place - Taylor Maple #430

3rd place - James Newell #621

4th place - Kimberly Ruiz #666

5th place - Kinzie Smith #407

6th place - Sayge Sowers #648


JUNIOR ENTRIES #401 - #437

ADULT ENTRIES #601 - #674